Kemer is a seaside resort in the province of Antalya, Turkey which lies along the Gulf of Antalya on the Mediterranean sea on the skirts of western Taurus mountains. It is approximately 40 km from the city of Antalya. Coordinates: 36°36?08?N, 30°33?40?E. District of Kemer includes 3 towns and 6 villages. According to 1990 census, it has a population of 9740 on a 52 km long sea coast. The town of Kemer with coastal areas like Kiriş, Tekirova, Çayova, Aslanbucak, Kuzdere, Beycik, Çamyuva, Göynük, Beldibi, Çıralı have a very important part in Turkish tourism.One of the major attractions of Kemer is its natural beauty. The sea, forest and mountains combine in harmony. The shore that starts from Beldibi to Tekirova is consisted of completely natural beaches with many small and large natural bays along the shore. Kemer has shown a great development in the past years. Because of the tourism related investments, it includes a large amount of bed capacity of the Antalya region. Kemer is also a good example of a modern urbanization. The infrastructure being successfully completed, the transportation being easy, the availabilty of every kind of communication services and the municipalital service to be largely increased turns Kemer into a comfortable and peaceful holiday resort and gives it an internationally accepted reputation.The town is very vibrant having many clubs, bars and restaurants. Its surrounding areas are beautiful and recreating making it a popular tourist destination for people from Germany, Netherlands and Russia. There are so many tourist visitors that the euro is the preferred currency at nearly all shops.


Researches on Kemer do not show further information other than being a Lycian town. But with the information gathered from the residents, Kemer which was called Eski Köy (old village) before 1910's had turned into a lake and swamp after the floods coming from the mountains. Later in the years of 1916 - 1917, residents of Kemer built a 23 km long stone wall to the mountain skirts to be protected from the floodings. Because of that wall, it had started to be called Kemer which means "Arch" in Turkish.

Must See Places

  • Adrasan Bay
  • Üç Adalar(Three Islands)
  • Canyon of Göynük
  • İkiz Kayalar(Twin Rocks)
  • Ulupınar
  • Selçuklu Av Köşkü(Seljuk Hunting Kiosk)

Historical Places

  • Chimera
  • Phaselis
  • Olympos